New traffic light installed at a dangerous location


NEOSHO, Mo. — The City of Neosho announces the installation of a traffic light at a dangerous intersection.

After Gene Lamb, Neosho Resident, voiced concerns to city officials, a four way stop will be installed at the intersection of hill and high streets.

The Neosho Traffic Commission, Neosho City Council and Neosho Police Department all agreed that there was poor visibility and it was a difficult intersection to navigate.

Lamb says this change will better ensure the safety of him and his neighbors that live on the street. Gene Lamb, Concerned Resident
“I’ve got almost hit, a couple of times, just trying to park in my yard because a car is coming from this area and i can’t see them. So, a 4-way stop sign would be very beneficial to this street.”

The new light will be installed by June 25 along with a “stop sign ahead” sign to warn drivers of the new stop signs.

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