New therapy helping patients without drugs


JOPLIN, Mo. — A new therapy protocol is giving patients a way to retrain their brain without using drugs or traditional therapy.

The therapy is called neurofeedback.

It’s a way to solve a whole host of issues using music or videos.

Aubrey Doss, Counselor, said, “You do have to get them on the exact right spot on the brain.”

Will’s Place counselor Aubrey Doss says these electrodes give her a unique insight into her patients’ brains.

“We’re looking at symptoms – how are they feeling, are they feeling better, what’s improving for them?”

The target could be ADHD, anxiety, or depression.

And for the patient, it’s as easy as listening to music or watching a video.

“As their brain waves are hitting that target spot that they’re looking for for the actual training uh the brain, not the brain, the movie or the music comes louder. so if you’re watching a movie the screen is brighter, it’s more intense.”

It’s a very different kind of therapy.

No drugs, no talking about your experiences.

“Not looking at your past, not processing – it’s really changing how your brainwaves are responding in your brain to situations.”

Doss says some patients worry it will change them fundamentally, but she says that’s not the case.

“So if you have the ability to cope and maybe that’s something you are struggling with – neurofeedback isn’t going to take away any of those beautiful things about yourself. It’s just going to add the ability to cope. And that’s really exciting.”

While neurofeedback is most often used to deal with issues like anxiety or lack of focus, some patients have even used it as a way to improve athletic performance.

That can help a wide age range, everything from adult patients to the very young.

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