New statistics show Joplin crime is up


New statistics show a slight increase in crime in the city of Joplin in 2018.

Overall, the city of Joplin saw a one percent increase in crime throughout 2018. Arson increased the most by seventy six percent, with burglary, domestic assault, homicide, and sex crimes all increasing as well. Vandalism, larceny, and robbery, were all down with unlawful use of a weapon decreasing the most last year by thirty percent.

“This year we’ve seen a decrease in shootings and we attribute a lot of that to targeting those people who were using gun violence in our city and targeting those people and getting them arrested and sent to prison,” says Captain Trevor Duncan, Joplin Police Department.

Captain Duncan adds although this year started with a homicide, the Joplin Police Department will continue to complete the monthly and weekly analysis of where the crime is occuring, who’s responsible for it, and allocate resources to decrease crime as much as the department can.

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