PITTSBURG, Ks. — People were bonding throughout the day for their love of cars, bikes and rock n roll.

The Rock ‘n Roll Cycle and Car Show made it’s debut at the Crawford County Historical Museum.

It’s the passion project of Bob Mcallister, who had put a similar show together for Little Balkans Day.

“I had done it for probably two or three years and I had done quite a few shows. I like doing it because I like going out and meeting people and just having a good time,” says Bob McAllister, Rock ‘n Roll Cycle & Car Show Organizer.

The show brought in participants from all over the Four States, including Vincent Brannon.

He has been spending the past several years restoring his son’s Chevy Nova from high school, a car that actually came out back when Brannon himself was in highschool.

“Later on when he went to college I kept the car because it’s kind of a vintage car. I graduated in ’65 and it’s a ’63, so it came out when I was a sophomore. Took about three and a half years to get it all put together. I just enjoy showing it, it’s kind of fun to drive it up and out, and every time I take it for a little drive it’s kind of hard to keep my foot out of it,” says Vincent Brannon, Restored Son’s Car.

Prizes were awarded for the top three motorcycles, top ten cars and best of show.