New robot will fold all your laundry in 2 to 4 minutes

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If you hate doing laundry, we’ve got an invention for you.

California-based robotics start-up FoldiMate is getting ready to sell a robot whose sole purpose in life is to fold your laundry. It can fold between 20 and 40 items in less than four minutes, which is about a standard size of laundry CNBC reports.

The robot can fold shirts, blouses, pants, standard towels and pillowcases. However, it can’t fold very small items like baby clothes, socks and underwear.

“I started this journey seven years ago with a humble goal: to help out with laundry folding in my home. After recently trying out one of our early prototypes, my kids started fighting over who will be using FoldiMate when we’ll have it in our house,” says Gal Rozov, the founder and CEO, on the FoldiMate website.

The final product will not ship until late 2019. It is expected to cost $980. You can learn how to preorder it now at FoldiMate’s website.

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