New renovations at PSU have students excited for the school year


New renovations at Pittsburg State University have students excited to get right to work this school year.

The new semester at Pittsburg State University is in full swing.

“Right now this is our Automated Systems class, we’re talking about Robotics and so they’re just starting a new unit and their getting ready to start their builds. They are going to learn about programming and it’s just an introduction right now,” says Byron McKay, Assistant Professor Technology & Engineer Education Program.

But a few things are different in the Technology and Engineer Education lab.

“We have all types of new equipment from our lasers, to our drones, to our 3-D printers, to our robotics systems,” says McKay.

These lab renovations stem from a curriculum change to enhance the skills of future teachers.

“With the new renovations, we have a lot going on. The biggest key is how we’re showing our future teachers how to be organized, how to run their classroom in a way that they can be most efficient, they can be in the best learning environment possible and that they can really reach their students in all that they do,” says McKay.

For the students, seeing the lab for the first time this semester has brought them excitement to start learning.

“It kind of gives a new feel. It kind of gives you a pep to your step. It gives you something to be excited about every time you get to come to class,” says Michael Lawson.

And from the professor’s standpoint, McKay presses upon the students to take advantage of these new opportunities.

“I really hope that these students can see the possibilities. They’re excited. When you walk in you can just see that it’s a new atmosphere and I think that they understand how that translates to their future classrooms because we want them to see what they can do in the future,” says Byron McKay.

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