New program encourages helping hands between Joplin area non-profits


Community Support Services of Missouri has a new project designed to get clients out into the community and help out other not for profits at the same time.

It’s called the ‘Day Program.’

“We really want our folks out in the community helping with things — they do volunteer work at the humane society, they pick up recycling at a few businesses and take it to the Recycling Center,” explained CSS Public Relations Manager Kirstie Smith. “It’s a great way for the community to connect with our individuals.”

“Well, I go to the Y, I go to Zumba, I go to dance, I go to help pets, and pick up trash,” added CSS client Austin Liberty-Ackerson.

“This is a year-round program that we do,” Smith continued. “We have about 20 individuals in the program and some days, you’ll see them all together and other days, they’ll go separate ways and do separate things.”

One of the benefits of the new program is that it gets clients at Community Support Services out in the community and involved in the community.

“Many hands make light work, so if there’s something your business needs done — maybe you don’t have the time or budget, give us a call here at the Community Support Services,” said Smith. “We’d love to help you out if we can”

For more information on the Day Program, click here.

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