New poll: Kansas Governor Laura Kelly becoming more popular


KANSAS – A new poll shows that Kansas Governor Laura Kelly is becoming more popular.

The group, Morning Consult, released favorability rankings of all 50 governors.

Governor Kelly’s approval has risen from 43 to 49 percent. That ranks 29th nationally. That comes with only 22 percent disapproval.

But 29 percent Kansans still aren’t sure what they think of her and that’s where democrats believe Governor kelly’s approval ratings could continue to increase.

“I think as more and more Kansans get more familiar with Governor Kelly and Lt. Governor Rogers, they’re just going to continue to like what they see out of them, so I would expect those numbers to continue to improve.”

Ethan Corson, Executive Director, Kansas Democratic Party

Corson says the governor’s work on education funding and the budget as well as her common sense approach is what Kansans are liking.

Click HERE to look at the complete list of rankings for all 50 governors.

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