DUQUESNE, Mo. — There’s a new chief in charge of the police force in Duquesne.

35 year old Jonathan White had already been with the police department, most recently as assistant chief.

He’s been in law enforcement for a number of years, starting with the Joplin Police Department, then moving to the Granby P.D., and then at Duquesne for the last five years. White is hoping to increase outreach efforts for the department.

“We would love to get the community more involved – have a great community here. I love working and living here – I actually live here too. Just want to get them more involved, know that they can call us for anything they need,” said Jonathan White, Duquesne Police Chief.

White was promoted to the chief position last month. The job was previously held by Tommy Kitch, who had been the Duquesne chief for 17 years.