New podcast highlights life in SEK


PITTSBURG, Ks. — A new podcast highlights the ups and downs of rural life in Southeast Kansas. Brett Dalton and Shawn Naccarato recently created the Around the Block podcast.

Each episode features local residents including, business owners, activists, and educators. Their most recent episode went live last night, covering the region’s battle with covid-19.

The hope is they reach viewers across the country–as they believe Pittsburg is much more than just a small town.

Shawn Naccarato, Co-Host, Around The Block Podcast, said, “To where anyone who lives in similar places might be able to connect to things we’re trying to do here in Pittsburg, Kansas. We’re just trying to preserve protect and promote the quality of life that comes in small rural areas of the country.”

Brett Dalton, Co-Host, Around The Block Podcast, said, “So, that is one of the primary goals of the podcast, is to try to just shine a light on the community and hopefully get people to notice and learn about what’s here.”

You can listen to all of their episodes on Spotify. Both creators say they hope to also inspire other small towns through the successes Pittsburg has seen in developments as well.

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