Four State children celebrate a summer of drastic reading improvements, thanks to a science-based program new to Pittsburg.

Last days of school call for pizza and a party. But this celebration isn’t just for the kids, it’s for the parents who are amazed at this summer program’s success.

“It’s helping my kids, I see a great improvement,” says Amber Carter.

“It was fun for me because I get to learn,” says Reese Carter.

The Secret Codes Reading Program was developed by PSU professor, Dr. David Hurford, specifically to help children with dyslexia. When undiagnosed, or mistaken for ADHD, many children are left with anxiety in school or even depression.

“A lot of kids maybe might just ignore this or school systems just kind of like might let these kids fall behind,” says Megan Brown.

The curriculum simplifies the English language using phonological learning techniques.

“We did a lot of reading stuff and learned more letters like sounds and words and stuff,” says Annlynn Polen, a student in the Secret Codes program.

“I asked all these questions about, tell me the difference about what you’re doing, what they’re not getting in the classroom, and he’s really just going back to the basic English language of how to pronounce each letter and then taking it from there to big words,” says Amber Carter.

The feedback from parents speaks for itself.

“I got several reports that they were excited about doing homework, which is pretty special for kids of this age,” says Megan Brown.

“One of the parents told us that their child gained more in the first 3 weeks of the Secret Codes than they did all last year,” says Dr. David Hurford, Secret Codes creator.

“He’s loving it and I feel like he’s advanced a lot more this summer,” says Amber Carter.

Giving these kids a leg up they may never have had before.

“Probably more confident in my reading more,” says Annlynn Polen.

“Would you come back again next summer?” I asked.

“Yes!” replied Reese Carter.