JOPLIN, Mo. — A new pain management clinic has opened its doors in Joplin.

Joplin patient Liz Syer has had four back surgeries, has tried physical therapy.

Liz Syer, Patient, said, “Well I’ve had back pain pretty much all my life.”

Now She’s also experiencing neck pain – and is hoping for some new treatment options.

“It sounds like she uses a lot of unique tools, so I have an appointment next week.”

She’ll be one of the first patients at the new Freeman Institute for Pain Management.

Dr. Rebecca Sanders sees her practice as one of the most basic ways to help a patient.

Dr. Rebecca Sanders, Pain Management, said, “All of us have felt pain in one way or other and I think if you can help someone’s pain, you have given them something substantial. You’ve really helped them in a way that’s going to improve their quality of life.”

She addresses from cancer pain to leg pain and back pain.

Sanders will offer new options not previously available in town, including a minimally invasive lumbar decompression.

“It’s no more invasive that a an injection essentially. So we use an xray to help guide our needle and we’re able to remove some of the excessive structures that cause compression on our nerves.”

She’s moving here from Wichita and has also practiced medicine at the Mayo Clinic.

But Dr. Sanders is a graduate of Joplin High School and is excited to come back home.

“I wanted to be close to my family. And the four state area is near and dear to my heart.”