New opioid laws will soon go into effect in OK


New opioid laws will soon take effect in Oklahoma.

The new laws for opioid abuse statewide in Oklahoma will be addressed in Senate Bill 14-46, which takes effect November first.

“Opioid addiction and abuse and misuse has been a problem in the United states for years and years. Now obviously there’s some areas that are more affected than others unfortunately Oklahoma is at the top of that list consistently,” says Dr. Jaquita Snyder, Mercy Clinic Family Medicine.

“It means less addiction less death it’ll be greatly appreciated I mean you look at these streets and a lot of people are stealing the opiods,” says Crystal Gray, Fairland resident.

On the first visit to a doctor, physicians will be required to limit the initial amount of opioids they’re prescribing to residents. This applies to acute or chronic pain and the prescription must be the lowest dose possible.

“Primary care wise that means that if they call and say I’ve sprained my ankle if I decide it’s appropriate they have to come in for a visit,” says Dr. Snyder.

Risks and benefits of taking the opiods must be discussed and documented with the doctor. A statewide program will also be used to monitor what people have been taking.

“Because medicines interact with other things when you look at the opioid abuse and misuses it’s not just the options that are an issue, it’s using opioids in combinations with other medicines. And if you don’t know what those other medicines are that patients are on, you could be doing them a disservice without not even knowing it,” says Dr. Jaquita Snyder.

Physicians must also attend prescription drug education sessions once a year.

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