New Oklahoma optometry law to take effect on Friday


OKLAHOMA–New changes affecting how Oklahomans choose their optometrists will take effect on November 1st.

Senate Bill 100 will allow independent optometrists to operate in big-box stores like Walmart. This bill was created in response to State Question 793 that failed last year.

The Oklahoma Association of Optomertric Physicians saw patients in Oklahoma wanted more choices and took action.

“That state question really would have impacted our patients’ health because you don’t want a big corporation telling a doctor how to practice,” explained Dr. Ramie Barnes with Grove Eye Center. “Where as, this state question that’s going through the doctor will be held to the very standard. They are going to be independent–they are not going to be employed by the corporation.”

Barnes adds this new measure will increase competition throughout the industry and hopefully motivate doctors to be better for their patients.

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