New nursing home COVID-19 vaccine requirements


JOPLIN, Mo. — Earlier this week, President Biden said nursing homes with unvaccinated workers could start to lose federal funding as early as next month.

That’s a pretty big hit, considering there are still hundreds of thousands of nursing home employees across the country who’ve yet to receive a shot.

Locally, officials at Joplin Health and Rehab say they hope to not leave their workers high and dry.

“We want to reassure our staff right now, so we’ll be sending out a text blast to all of them reassuring them that these same people that are heroes that we’re not just going to kick them out uh into another industry,” said Michael Harrison, Administrator, Joplin Health & Rehab Center.

Harrison says Joplin Health and Rehab has a vaccination rate of about 50 percent. It has about 100 employees. He also says they continue to urge employees to get vaccinated.

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