New Netflix tidying show has more people donating old clothes


Because of tidying expert Marie Kondo’s new show on Netflix, many people are saying thank you and goodbye to clothes they don’t need anymore.

Kondo encourages people to give the clothes to resale or consignment shops, and these businesses across the country are reaping the benefits — including here in the Four States. Second Chances Resale shop is one of these stores seeing an increase in donations. Workers say at the beginning of the year they started seeing more people come to donate, with most of them referring to Marie Kondo’s method of tidying up as their reason for donating.

“The first item that Marie Kondo recommends people tackle in their homes is clothing,” says Louise Secker with Lafayette House.

Tidying expert Marie Kondo has a new Netflix show that helps people clean out and reorganize within their homes. She uses a gentle and gratuitous way to send the items off after you don’t need them anymore.

“So, her method is- yes, to thank the clothing or article that you are getting rid of for its use to you and then release it go be of use to someone else,” says Secker.

And Kondo recommends donating the items, so they might bring joy to someone else — which has benefitted consignment and resale shops across the nation, including Second Chances Resale shop, which is affiliated with the Lafayette House.

“We’ve definitely seen that here at Second Chances,” says Secker.

Secker says the increase of donations started at the beginning of the year, and whether it’s due to Marie Kondo or cleaning for the new year, Second Chances is able to help more women and families. 

“Often they’ve left again in the middle of the night with just what they have on their backs, so if they’re able to come and select things at no cost that are nicely merchandised and displayed that’s a lot more pleasant of an experience. We have a lot of women who come here searching for jobs or going through the interview process and need the right clothing for work or clothes for the right interview, so it’s a real benefit and we encourage people to give,” says Secker.

Donations can be dropped off at Second Chances Resale shop in Joplin Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm.

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