New mural unveiled at Monett High School Performing Arts Center


Students at a Southwest Missouri high school celebrate the completion of a two-year long project. The teen artists and their teachers unveiled a new mural at the Monett High School Performing Arts Center this evening.

High school senior Anna Pham says while the Performing Arts Center at Monett High School is nice, something needed to change.

“No one likes a blank white wall or anything,” says Anna Pham.

So she, along with several other students worked for two years to get to turn that blank wall into a mural honoring all of the arts.

“I remember it took, like, a really long time, a couple of years to finish, it was like an on and off project,” says Anna Pham.

Over the course of those two years, students like junior Amy Tsai got to take what they learned in class and put it to use in a very public setting.

“I worked on the humans. It was a silhouette of a ballerina dancing,” says Amy Tsai.

Amy says shading, shadows, lighting and angles all presented their own unique challenges along the way, but now that’s it’s finished, she knows it’s made her a better artist.

“I learned a lot. It was a great opportunity, and it was the first project that I ever did this big, and it was just a wonderful experience,” says Amy Tsai.

Lynn Morin was teaching art at Monett High School when the Performing Arts Center was built, and says the idea came rather quickly.

“When they finished it, there was this beautiful s-curved wall, and I knew it needed to have a mural on it, that that could be the thing that the visual arts could, you know, share,” says Lynn Morin.

She says she’s proud of the work done by the students, and even though some weren’t able to be there for Thursday’s dedication, in a way, they’ll always be a part of the school because of the mural. And she’s hoping the mural will impact them the way it’s already impacted the school.

“Even if they don’t continue to make art, that they were involved with something that was bigger than themselves,” says Morin.

Anna says it’s a relief to for the project to be finished, and that’s she’s ready to move on to the next project, even if she’s not quite sure exactly where her brushes will be used next.

“I honestly don’t know, just whatever comes up,” says Anna Pham.

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