New mural being created in SEK


SOUTHEAST KANSAS — A new mural is gaining a lot of attention in Southeast Kansas, and what started as a way to escape the pandemic soon became so much more.

Gabrial Shiverdecker, Ray’s Auto World Manager, said, “I’ve done a lot of painting in my life, it’s one of my biggest hobbies, so putting something out here was second nature.”

When the pandemic first started, business started drying up for Ray’s Auto World. So manager Gabrial Shiverdecker wanted to use his talent as an artist to bring life back to the shop.

Ray Bulot, Ray’s Auto World Owner, said, “He said ‘Mind if I paint a mural?’ I said ‘I don’t care what you do,’ it needed painting anyway, so he did that.”

He began designing a mural on the side of the store.

“We started out, we just wanted to give it some archways and give it a neat perspective look from the street and put some cars from different eras in it, starting off with the 20’s up to the 50’s and some newer cars,” said Shiverdecker.

But Gabriel wanted to give it a deeper meaning. He decided to honor the owner ray for his years of passion with classic cars.

“I just wanted him to have some nostalgic look at it, I know he hasn’t had this place for too long, maybe five years, but he’s always been into the car industry, he sold cars, he’s 72 I believe and he’s bought and sold cars almost all of his life.”

The mural wasn’t done there though. Shiverdecker was told the auto shop was on the historic Jefferson highway, which had been a major source of travel back in the early 1900s
“I know there’s an original sign down the road a little ways on this street, it’s either here or Broadway, so we put a little homage to the Jefferson Highway on there.”

And thanks to his hard work, Ray’s Auto World is starting to build attention once again.

“We’ve had a lot of people stop looking at this thing, they stop and take pictures of themselves in front of it and I think it was a great idea,” said Bulot.

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