New Missouri laws taking effect August 28th


JOPLIN, Mo. — August 28th may not seem like an important date, but it’s the deadline for a long list of new laws to take effect.

Everything from taxes and alcohol laws to utilities and public safety.

“I’ve heard the legislature passed an increase,” said Charles Obermann, Joplin Driver.

Something Charles Obermann knows to expect paying a little more at the gas pump this fall.

“You can’t get something for nothing and our gas tax is the lowest, one of the lowest in the nation and our roads show it,” said Obermann.

One new law kicks off five years of gas tax increases, to a total of 12 and a half cents.

Another law focuses on restaurants offering alcoholic drinks to-go. They had been banned before 2020.

The pandemic prompted a temporary change which will now become a permanent option.

Another change comes from State Representative Lane Roberts of Joplin extending the time frame for what had been a requirement to renew an order of protection every year.

“There is a financial impact. In addition, the respondent has a right to be there so the person is required to be in the same room with their abuser. This would allow them to seek an order of protection that would be for the lifetime of the abuser,” said Missouri Representative Lane Roberts, R.

Roberts also championed new legislation to protect stalking victims, expanding what’s considered a criminal threat.

“Changed the definition of course of conduct to include third parties, And technology is very important to that,” said Representative Roberts.

And State Representative Bob Bromley of Carl Junction is highlighting new options to make it easier to tag your car or boat with the state.

We’ve got a link to the full list of new laws here.

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