New Miami justice center to provide several community resources


Quapaw Nation has received an almost $4 million grant to build a new justice center in Miami.

“It’s just a good way to provide a service to the citizens of this county and it’s an alternative to them possibly going to jail or serving jail time over mistakes that people make everyday,” explained Zack Turley with Quapaw Nation.

The center will have a methadone clinic to help people addicted to opioids.

“They also do different types of counseling for DUI’s and alcohol addiction,” Turley continued.

Meanwhile, family services will work with children–especially during adoptions.

The tribe is building a new courtroom to handle tribal cases as well.

Quapaw tribal leaders say one of their biggest goals is to form a partnership so other tribes can use their facilities as well.

“We currently have these services, but they are spread out,” explained Callie Bowden with the Quawpaw Nation. “Most of them are in Quapaw, Oklahoma, and we are bringing them here in Miami to a central location.”

The justice center will be open not only to Native Americans, but non-natives as well.

Quapaw Nation believes this justice center will serve a crucial need in the community.

“Our methadone clinic and counseling services, they stay very busy and that’s a sad thing,” said Turley. “We don’t like to see that addition, but we do like people to know there are ways that people can get help.”

With more funding, Quapaw Nation would like to put law enforcement in the center.

But, they would need to remodel a portion of building to be compatible for the agencies.

The grand opening of the center will be around the beginning of October.

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