The new year comes every January, but it’s July 1 when the Kansas government starts fresh.

The state’s fiscal year begins Monday and with that many new laws are taking affect.

Lawmakers passed 71 bills this year. The governor vetoed three of them, let another pass without her signature, and signed 67 others. Many of them will go into law soon.

They range from the new education plan that funds schools with billions of tax dollars to clarifying that not wearing a seat-belt is a traffic infraction and not a misdemeanor.

Kansans will start to see a slightly higher cell phone bill. That’s because the legislature passed a 40 cent per month increase to help fund the state’s 911 emergency system.

Others set to go in affect Monday include Claire and Lola’s law which allows certain people with debilitating medical conditions to use CBD oil with THC in it.

Also hemp production in the state can start moving forward from a research program to a commercial one.

You can find all of the bills that will become law here.