New law in Oklahoma expands Move Over Law to include all motorists


OKLAHOMA – This week, a new law was signed by Governor Kevin Stitt to make things safer for motorists on the roadway in Oklahoma.

Police say each year, thousands of people are hit in what they say is simply drivers not paying attention. Lawmakers are hoping to combat those issues in the Sooner State with the expansion of its Move Over law.

State law already mandates drivers move over for an emergency vehicle with flashing lights on the side of the road. During the past two years, the Sooner State has worked to slowly integrate more restrictions.

Just two years ago, the law expanded to tow truck drivers. And now with the signage this week by the governor, it applies to all motorists.

For many in the community like Julia Pace, she is grateful for these changes. She had a cousin hit by a bus, while waiting on the side of the road.

“He was broke down and just got hit by a Greyhound bus and they weren’t paying attention. It’s very troublesome people don’t even move over for ambulances and stuff sometimes they just go on about their business and think everybody should just watch out for them.”

Julia Pace, Miami Resident

Ultimately, state officials are hoping this change results in less people losing their lives.

The law officially takes effect November 1st and that is when officers will begin giving out tickets.

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