New Kansas law allows residents to vote at any polling place in their county



A new law in Kansas that would let people vote at any polling place in their county is supposed to take affect on July 1st, but it might not be in place for elections this year.

Senate Bill 130 passed with overwhelming support in April.

But Kansas Secretary of State Scott Schwab is asking county election officials to hold off on moving forward with the new law. He says that will allow his office to ensure the best implementation and security going forward.

Wednesday, the state Rules and Regulations Board met and approved random audits of elections. One member of the board says he wanted to see the secretary of state address Senate Bill 130 Wednesday as well.

“The Secretary of State’s office hasn’t followed that law, they haven’t written any regulations, they could have brought regulations here today (Wednesday), so that Kansas voters could vote anywhere in their county on election day, but instead the Secretary of State’s Office has instructed county elections officers that they cannot follow this law.”

Rep. John Carmichael, (D) Wichita

When the law is given the green light to go forward, county election officials will have the final say on whether to allow voters to choose any polling place.

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