New Jackson Ave. bridge now open to traffic


Motorists will only be able to drive over the low water bridge in McIndoe Park until Friday of this week. That’s because the new $2.1 million Jackson Avenue Bridge a short distance away is now open to traffic.

The new bridge is 444 feet long and 44 feet wide with an 8-foot shared pathway on both sides for pedestrians and bicyclists.

And, while the old Low Water Bridge will soon be closed to vehicles, it will still benefit the community for years to come.

“The old Low Water bridge will stay in place and that will become part for the trail system,” explained Joplin Public Works Director Dan Johnson. “It will be there for the bikes and pedestrians to connect to the trails on both sides of Shoal Creek”

The original bridge was built in 1919 and was designated as a Joplin Historical Landmark in October 2017.

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