LAMAR, Mo. — New improvements at the Lamar City Park are ready to be showcased to the community.

Both the basketball and tennis courts have been resurfaced, along with the installation of new netting.

Court lines for the new pickleball court, located inside the tennis court, were also added.

The Barton County Community Foundation received money through Redneck Blinds and Show Me Wagyu charities to help upgrade the park.

The new additions are something Barton County Community Foundation President, Nancy Curless hopes will bring the community more together.

Nancy Curless, Barton County Community Foundation, says, “Any strong community needs to have resources and have things that bring people together, a strong proponent of community engagement, and people just enjoying the health lifestyle of the community and when you can bring people to the park that’s always good.”

With the addition of the new pickleball court lines, it is now the first pickleball court in Lamar.