New hospital to open in Monett


MONETT, Mo. — There’s a new hospital opening up in Southwest Missouri. After 68 years the city of Monett is opening the doors to a new hospital. Cox Health will be open to the public on Friday at six p.m.

Darren Bass – President Of Cox Health, said, “The idea of having a replacement hospital has been prevalent in Monett for 16 or 17 years. We’ve owned this land for about that same time. But until we were able to get the approval from our governing board in Springfield, as well as our executive team, our C.E.O and our C.F.O, we didn’t spend a lot of design time with that.”

Two years of design building leads to two parallel hallways.

“We got to thinking, we don’t want a really busy busy hallway that our staff is in the way of our patients and visitors, so that’s where the idea came up.”

Along with two parallel hallways the 100,000-square-foot facility also includes 25 bedrooms, 42 exam rooms, and offers multiple areas of care. Including surgery, labor and delivery, emergency care, radiology and more. These transformations are what make Cox Health doctor Elizabeth Lucore thrilled for the future

Elizabeth Lucore – Cox health Dr., said, “I’m most excited to see the ways that small design changes in the new facility allow even better care.”

More than 200 people donated to the hospital to make these modifications. Racking together seven million out of the 42 million needed to make it possible.

“This hospital is the coming to life of the generosity of this community. That the community saw fit to invest to such a level.”

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