The Shawnee Tribe is planning its next exhibit, creating a new garden to go with it.

The exhibit will feature a Shawnee artist, who will work toward uncovering the science of painting. 

Their goal is to find out how to make paint with natural dyes. 

The tribe will begin growing items you can make natural dyes out of outside their Tribal Center, which will eventually involve workshops and programs going along with the exhbit.

Natalie Wadle, Shawnee Tribe Exhibits and Programs Manager, says, “Also. just knowing which plants kind of want to live here, because they are native to the area so they want to be here. So they will hopefully grow better. Part of it will be to give away little seed packets that will give away so if you come you can grow your on plants.” 

Wadle says the tribe is in the beginning phases of this project. 

However, they are looking for people who may be interested in helping them. 

If you are interested in helping out head to click here.