KANSAS — A new bill in the Kansas house could soon authorize sports wagering – but it’s causing concern for some animal lovers across the state.

Jeremy Johnson, Crawford County Commissioner, said, “Specifically here it would be a concern because we have an existing dog track that was opened in the nineties but had closed.”

The concern is House Bill 2199 in the state of Kansas. A bill that would legalize sports wagering.

“It’s kind of been referred to as the sports betting or sports wagering bill, would allow for betting on thing like with the Superbowl or football or basketball.”

However there’s a specific act referenced within the bill that’s now gotten the Humane Society involved.

Jasmine Kyle, SEK Humane Society Director, said, “The Kansas Parimutual Racing Act and it is required by that act that racecinos must run a minimum live greyhound races on their track.”

Out of precaution, in Tuesday’s Crawford County Commission meeting, the southeast Kansas Humane Society made a request.

“So to protect greyhounds what we have asked the commissioners is to pass an ordinance basically prohibiting all commercial live greyhound racing tracks in their zones.”

This would act as a preventative measure while a senate bill is in the works to outlaw greyhound racing. Other counties have gotten involved too.

“Sedgwick is currently working on an ordinance, Wyandotte already has one in place from way in the day with their racetrack up there, these are the big three areas that still have racetracks on them.”

To help make sure greyhound racing doesn’t make a return and keep the animals in the county safe.

“From the people and from the states, this sport is dying, its not supportive, the biggest thing is it’s not profitable anymore, it is time to end this to save these dogs.”