New exhibit at Joplin Museum features tornado debris


JOPLIN, Mo. — There’s relatively new display at the Joplin Museum Complex.

The collection includes some of the debris collected by Joplin residents, following the May 22nd, 2011 tornado. It’s been on display since the beginning of the year. Museum officials say some of their visitors have had some unusual responses.

Jacey Vangel, Museum Curatorial Assistant, said, “The people that are from Joplin that are familiar with the tornado have been really taken a back with it, the trees are a big shock factor, people are like wow, I can’t believe that tornadoes can do that to the trees and stuff, but people who are not from here, we’ve had little kids come through that are like “Why is there trash in your case” and we’re like “It’s not trash it’s from the tornado, but I can see how you see that because we have signs that are just torn up.”

The display isn’t completely finished. Signage will be added between now and the 10-year mark of the tornado in May.

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