GOODMAN, Mo. — A new school in Goodman is a welcome addition to the Neosho School District, but it’s causing a problem for its surrounding neighbors.

After the 2017 tornado, the district decided to rebuild on the existing site of the previous Goodman Elementary School. There’s always been a slight water run-off issue, but city leaders tell us the new school has made the problem even worse.

When it rains, the flooding created from the water runoff mainly effects Whitmore Street on the east side of the school. Although Goodman is known for already having water runoff problems, Goodman Mayor, J.R. Fisher says it’s been more of a problem lately.

“Water’s went that way since the beginning of time. But now with the, with the new school put in, it’s overwhelming down there and creating damage,” said J.R. Fisher – Goodman Mayor.

Since the problem was addressed, the district put in a metal plate in the retention pond, hoping to fix the problem. But, unfortunately, the water runoff still exists.

“We’re letting the engineers work out those issues, but ultimately we want to be a good partner with the city of Goodman,” said Dr. Jim Cummins – Neosho School District Superintendent.

While the school is having engineers look into the problem, Mayor Fisher is still concerned.

“My number one concern is for the children, and then you know if you get right up behind me here is our waste water treatment plant, all this is flooding down to there. We know the results from a two inch rain, I’m really really nervous now about anything bigger,” said Fisher.

And if the time comes, Dr. Cummins is confident they can fix it.

“If there’s something we need to do differently because we’ve created some change then we would certainly address it at that time,” said Dr. Cummins.

Just like Dr. Cummins, Mayor Fisher believes the city and school district have what it takes to fix the water runoff. Mayor Fisher adds they’re grateful for the new school, but at the moment, they’re just overwhelmed with the added water.