CHANUTE, Ks. — It’s a no-brainer that education is important in any society – but sometimes, traditional classrooms aren’t the best approach. USD 413 is hoping to make courses more approachable for everyone.

Sean Bowman, Chanute Extension Academy Director, said, “First day when the students walked in, they knew this was their building.”

This is a big time for Chanute Public Schools. The doors have opened on the brand new permanent location of the Chanute Extension Academy.

“They gutted the building, its been completely remodeled, everything is brand new in here, and what we have now is a space specifically created for these students.”

Those students here are getting something special in terms of the courses they’re taking.

“What we can do is look at their interests and focus their attention on what their interests are and build a curriculum around that, then they’re able to do work study, they’re able to go out and do job shadowing.”

This is to help students in the middle and high school who may not be getting the help they need. At this building, there’s more of a chance of personalized interactions between them and the teachers thanks to smaller class sizes.

Camerina Rodriguez, Student, said, “I feel more confident about it than I did before, it makes me actually want to do my work. Before it was just kind of chaotic, the teachers couldn’t really have so much one on one time with individual students like they do now and here.”

And while there are still some projects left to finish, their goal remains the same—help these students get the education they deserve.

“We still have landscaping to do, we still have a lot of decorating to do, we want people to walk in to this place, and walk through this space, and feel motivated and inspired that they’re going to be successful today,” said Bowman.