Big changes are ahead for DUI laws in Oklahoma, modifying consequences for those who get caught.

Senate Bill 712 changes a few things including interlock devices and license revocation. They’re also creating a program for offenders to get involved with to get back on the right track.

Drivers in the Sooner State should beware. Some new changes affecting those who get pulled over for drinking while driving begin on November 1st.

“Currently, until November 1st, if someone should get arrested for DUI they can appeal the drivers license, which is a civil section of it, to the Department of Public Safety,” explained Jeremy Floyd with the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office.

Now, to appeal to get a restricted license it’ll have to be done with the district court. This has to be done within 30 days–but you could lose that appeal, which is why the Impaired Driver Accountability Program (IDAP) was created.

“IDAP is a desginated progrm that’s going to take all the resources that are good that we’ve found throughtout the state that work great with DUI’s or with law enforcement,” Floyd added.

That program guarantees anyone convicted of a DUI gets a restricted licenses as well as an interlock device in their vehicle.

“They have to pay a monthly fee to that vendor to maintain that intoxilizer and about once a month, they have to get it calibrated,” Floyd continued.

In order to use the interlock or the breathlizer, they have to breathe prior to starting the vehicle. If they breathe alcohol into the machine, the vehicle will not operate.”

A big asset of the IDAP program is to make sure people could continue working.

“I think in the past, that’s probably been one of the main concerns is once somebody loses their drivers license, they can’t get to or from work,” said Floyd. “Ultimately, they end up getting terminated or lose their job and putting more hardship unto that individual family.”

Under IDAP, the first offense will result in a breathalyzer device being installed in a vehicle for six months. The econd offense would get 12 months, and third offense get 36 months.

Once successfully completing the IDAP–the drivers license is fully reinstated.