New director will soon take the reigns at Carthage Convention and Visitors Bureau

A new director will soon be taking over the reins at the Carthage Convention and Visitors Bureau.

They've hired Niki Cloud - a longtime Carthage resident and a big fan of all things Carthage.

"The trees changing, Christmas time - you know the parades, different things. There's so much, there's really something to look forward to all the time in Carthage,” says Niki Cloud, Carthage CVB.

And of course the Maple Leaf Festival and Marian Days. Niki Cloud will be playing a key role with each as the new executive director for the Carthage Convention and Visitors Bureau, a big change from her current job.

"I've been the executive secretary for the Missouri Association of Meat Processors for the past 13 and a half years. I report to a board of directors, I do monthly meetings and plan a yearly convention,” says Niki Cloud.

Cloud says she's looking forward to building on existing draws.

"The Food Truck Friday has popped up the past couple of years - how cool is that - and trying to get people here for more than just a food truck. Come and eat supper, spend the night and then maybe the next day we'll have something fun for you and your family to do,” says Cloud.

She adds she'll be looking outside city limits to see if there are good ideas what would work in Carthage.

"Kind of see what other towns in Missouri and even the Midwest area that would be similar to Carthage - kind of see what they do, not necessarily have to reinvent the wheel,” says Cloud.

Cloud is also a familiar face - having worked with the Joplin Chamber of Commerce for a couple of years. She's also currently a member of the Carthage Board of Education. She'll take over at the CVB on March 4th.

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