Milnot, a company in Seneca, Missouri announced it was closing earlier this month 

“We have no clue,” said Cecil Vance.

The City of Seneca still owes more than $3 million on a water treatment plant built a couple years ago. 

With Milnot closing, they’re not sure how to keep paying off the loan.

“I mean as far as we know, we don’t really have a good plan in place right now; we’re just starting to work on it,” Vance added.

City leaders built the facility assuming revenue collected from Milnot Utilities would help pay off the debt.

Now they’re scrambling to figure out how to stay afloat.

“It’s just really hard to make a budget when you take half your income out of it,” said Vance. 

With Milnot using about 50% of Seneca’s utilities, even residents know it’s going to hurt business. 

“Bound to be the other businesses, stores; they’re bound to be affected,” said resident Joe Stephens.

We reached out to Milnot and never heard back from them.  

When Milnot closes its doors, it’s going to put more than 50 people out of a job. 

A loss on it’s own…That’s hard to deal with. 

“It was a good place to work, a really good place to work,” said Stephens.

Alderman Cecil Vance wants to keep seneca residents happy, but he only see’s one option.

“We ay have to raise rates. I hope not, but I don’t see how we can keep from it,” Vance explained. 

Alderman Vance says he plans on talking to Milnot to try and figure out their plan so he can help the situation.