New college monument to honor Native American tribes of Northeast Oklahoma


NEO A&M is creating a tribal monument to celebrate the school’s centennial year.
It will represent the nine Native American tribes of Ottawa County and the Cherokee Nation.

“Something to really recognize the tribes and the contributions they made to NEO,” explained Centennial Campaign chair Ryan Orcutt.

A local artist who is a part of the Shawnee and Quapaw Tribes will create the monument. A circle of ten stainless steel feathers will have different tribal seals underneath them.

“It’s a reflection of the students that were here in the past, that are currently here, and will be coming here in the future,” explained Native American Student Association (NASA) sponsor Hannah Berryman.

The goal of the monument is to bring awareness to the tribes living in the county — bringing visibility to the American Indian Center for Excellence and helping new Native American students feel at home.

“You look at our student demographics and in totality, it’s going to be representing them,” Orcutt added.

“It’s going to help them engage a little bit more with the tribes around us to know the history of where they came from,” said Berryman.

The monument will be completed on October 14th and displayed in front of Kaneyouah Hall.

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