New Chipotle menu caters to the latest dieting crazes


Chipotle is tailoring a new menu to get in on the new diet craze action.

This month the restaurant chain will roll out a menu that caters to paleo, keto, double protein and whole-20 diets. These new additions have been introduced to the menu as many of these diets gained popularity in 2018. The Chipotle in Joplin is hoping these new menu options will welcome in new customers that previously would be turned away due to the menu not catering to their dietary needs.

“People are out on the roads and it’s hard for them to find something to eat that fits into their diet and that’s one of the reasons we decided to launch the lifestyle bowls,” says Ramario Rivas, Chipotle Restaurateur.

Rivas says these bowls were created to help provide healthier options for customers as well as help people keep up with their New Year’s resolutions of eating better. The specialized bowls can be ordered through Chipotle’s app, website or in store.

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