New changes made to Obamacare


Obamacare made profound changes to the way health insurance operates when it first took effect. And the healthcare industry has continued to see new changes as the Trump administration took a different approach.

There have been a wide range of changes in how Obamacare works in the almost two years since President Trump took office. That includes the open enrollment period which just ended – it’s a couple of weeks shorter than under the previous administration. And federal subsidies to insurers for coverage of low income patients are changing.

“Those subsidies entice that insurance company to do that. Those are going to begin to stop. They’re not completely stopped, but it’s beginning. In this area, we only have one company left. The biggest change is likely the end to the penalty people pay for not having insurance,” says Karri Foster, Freeman Admissions Supv.

Foster says at Freeman – that prompted a change in the conversation about the reasons to sign up.

“Whether you’re going to get penalized or not, medical insurance is important. And so again we had,  you know, we had a great year – a great open enrollment that was better than we had in almost five years,” says Karri Foster.

Even bigger changes could be around the corner with a federal court ruling Friday that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional. For now, everything will remain as-is as that ruling is appealed, likely to be decided at the Supreme Court.


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