MISSOURI — The race for Missouri’s 7th Congressional District has a new face.

Audrey Richards wants your vote. The independent candidate has a big three when it comes to priorities: more funding for roads & bridges, improving wi-fi access in rural areas, and boosting education.

Audrey Richards, MO Congressional Candidate, I, SAID, “Really increase access to SAT courses, SAT prep, dual credit courses, and skills education. Because not everybody wants to go to college and we have to make that a valid option for people as well. And you know at that high school level already training them to go you know into a certain career field.”

Richards wants to see a strong response to covid 19 concerns, like a universal mask mandate.

“It would be a lot easier to understand as well because you’re like, ‘ok, if I’m in Branson I have to wear a mask.’ If I go over to Hollister then I don’t and it’s very confusing and so I think having a uniform set of rules would be helpful and easier to understand.”

And she wants to see action in relation to national law enforcement issues.

“It’s something to be looked at the defund the police as a whole, as a slogan is a little too harsh because we need to look at the systemic problems that are within you know law enforcement itself. Not necessarily pulling funding, maybe redirecting it.”

Richards is challenging Republican incumbent Billy Long and Libertarian Kevin Craig.

Richards is a write-in candidate, meaning voters would have to add her name to the ballot and fill in the circle next to it.

The race will be decided on November 3rd.