New business designed to help farmers opens in Sheldon, Missouri


SHELDON, Mo. — For the first time in more than a year, a small town in southwest Missouri has welcomed a new business.

Located in between Lamar and Nevada, Sheldon, Missouri is a town with few people and even fewer businesses.

“Sheldon’s a town of just a few hundred people, and about, a little over a year ago they had a Dollar General open up and that was a huge deal” said Ben Vickers, Vernon County Director of Economic Development.

But two weeks ago, one local opened a new business: this one designed to help farmers with their everyday needs.

“Sometimes they need hydraulic fuel, or they need a bolt, or a nut or a tube of grease, and they usually have to go 15 miles north or 15 miles south to the nearest business where they can get that,” said Tyler Snowden, T Equipment and Supply owner.

According to Vickers, it’s not the new business that’s exciting for the community, but one owned by someone who knows the area that is.

“What really drives the economy of a small town is local business owners like Tyler. And, you know, they help. They’re from the community, they know the community and their goal is to just make it a better place,” said Vickers.

And it’s not about the money for Tyler, but helping out area farmers with convenience.

“My goal is to get them back up and going again. If I can cut their time down, they can get their job done, because without them, I mean we can’t make it without farmers,” said Snowden.

With his business up and running, snowden adds there’s just a couple things left to do.

“Now it’s just mainly trying to get the internet up and going, and letting other people know we are here and we are open,” said Snowden.

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