New billboard on Rangeline expresses support for victims of police brutality


JOPLIN, Mo. — If you’ve traveled down Rangeline Road recently, you may have noticed a new addition to the scenery.

There’s a new billboard on the East-South facing side of Rangeline between 11th and 13th streets that says “I Can’t Breathe.”

It is sponsored by Joplin For Justice and organizers say they want this statement to been seen by the entire community, so they won’t forget some of the last haunting words many people of color have said before being killed by police.

Organizers hope this billboard will serve as an expression to the community that they all stand in solidarity with victims of police brutality.

Jamie Lindsey, Co-Organizer, Joplin For Justice, said, “It’s amazing, honestly. I’m so glad our community was able to come together and send this message out. Getting all the traffic has just increased traffic on our Facebook page and increased the donations coming in, so that message there to everybody in our community and everybody traveling in our community. It’s such a bold statement and we’re just really excited to have that conversation continue.”

Joplin For Justice hopes this visual representation will continue reminding our community of the state of the world today.

The billboard will stay up until after the election in November.

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