New bill would increase penalties for domestic strangulation in OK


OKLAHOMA — A bill that would increase penalties for domestic strangulation in Oklahoma advances through the house.

If passed, House Bill 3371 would increase the punishment from one to 3 years to up to 10 years for the first offense and 20 years for the second offense.

The crime would also be removed as a non-violent crime to now be classified as a violent crime.

Domestic violence advocate Lisa Arnold says moving this bill forward is critical for many.

She adds unlike some other assaults, strangulation can cause a person’s life to be taken in a matter of moments.

Lisa Arnold, Domestic Violence Advocate Supervisor, said, “You know when we have domestic violence crimes a lot of these people are repeat offenders and when your just stacking misdemeanors instead of being able to really put the law down on somebody its difficult to get people to stop.”

Offenders would also have to register as a violent criminal if this bill is passed into law.

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