New app partnership hoping to reduce crime in Pittsburg


The Pittsburg Police Department has partnered with the Neighbors app by the home doorbell surveillance company Ring.

The desicion came after the law enforcement agency was able to catch theft suspect because the home they stole from had a Ring doorbell.

Det. Jordon Garrison with the Pittsburg Police Dept. says, “A local Frontenac resident actually posted a video of a package being stolen from their porch and through that we were able to identify the suspect on that and make an arrest.”

The app works by allowing users to post any crime occurrences in their area and officers can create alerts from the information they provided.

The department says the footage can be crucial in getting to the bottom of a case.

“And we’ll push out an email through the system saying this is what we’re working, if anyone has any footage, please reach out to us. Your actually even able to share the images through the app to us so it helps with our cases,” he says.

And being able to access the app can give the police an advantage in watching for crime trends in the community.

“We work in the community but you guys live in the community. And if you know the baseline for your neighborhood and what’s suspicious and what’s not. So, having that extra set of eyes let’s us do our job a little bit better.”

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