Nevada seeking community vote on future roadwork


NEVADA, Mo. — The city of Nevada is working to upgrade its infrastructure. To do that they need the vote of the community.

George Knox – Mayor, said, “Our town needs an upgrade, that’s really the bottom line.”

Leslie Houts says he agrees with Mayor Knox.

Leslie Houts – Mechanic, said, “I’ve lived in this community, in this area, about 25 to 30 years and I’ve seen them go from very decent roads to the way they are now. There’s several pot holes than need repaired.”

The poor road conditions are also by no means good for driving.

“As a mechanic I make money off of it, but as a driver it’s tearing my vehicles up.”

The potential solution? Asking citizens this April to renew the half cent transportation tax, but this year city officials are looking to do it a little differently.

“This is a renewable grant every five years, this year we’re going to ask for no sunset that will allow us to continue on and not go back to the voters every time,” said Knox.

If approved the City Council can terminate this agreement anytime they want.

“We just want to make sure we’re doing the very best we can for our city and our citizens, and keeping our roads up, and our sidewalks and gutters. There’s just a million things we don’t have extra money for and that’s really the only way we can get it.”

“The roads are really in disarray in several areas in the area. They seriously need help. As far as the taxes go on that, it’s worth fixing,” said Houts.

Mayor Knox adds fixing up the infrastructure is also crucial for upcoming projects.

“If we get these projects that we’re looking at coming, we’re going to need more housing, we’re gonna need better streets,” said Knox.

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