NEVADA, Mo. — Although nobody likes litter, one Southwest Missouri city is having a hard time with overwhelming amount of it. With large amounts of trash building up in the area, it leaves local residents like Dinah Smith searching for solutions.

Dinah Smith, Nevada Resident, said, “I think for Nevada to look better, it needs to have something done, and I don’t know the answer.”

For part of the year, as you can see, all the litter is usually hidden by the crops. But when the Harvest is complete, not only does the litter become more noticeable, but it causes for more concern. The answer they hope is a better eye on the situation.

Mark Mitchell, Nevada City Manager, said, “We’re wrapping up our code enforcement, will be hiring a code enforcement officer to make routes. And also we’re enforcing our code that’s already on the books with litter control and trash receptacles being closed.”

And if they’re not closed, you could find yourself in court.

“We notify the business owner who’s in violation by letter. We’ll send a first notice, and then we’ll send a second notice, and we’ll work with them. We want to make sure they come into compliance. And if they don’t come into compliance, then our next step is to go to municipal court.”

Punishments like this will hopefully mean Smith isn’t forced to go back and fix the situation on her own.

“When I first moved here I was trying to pick it up a lot, and my husband said you can’t be doing that,” said Smith.

City leaders are hoping residents will start to see improvements in the coming weeks.