Nevada looks at water treatment plant upgrade


NEVADA, Mo. — Access to clean water goes much further than just drinking. One water plant supervisor and chamber officials are saying the current plant needs an upgrade.

The Nevada water plant has been a crucial asset for the city, but now it needs to be refurbished

Joseph Tipper – Nevada Water Treatment Plant Supervisor, said, “The main thing was to increase our production to replace aging components of the water treatment plant that are well beyond their life span. This plants thirty-five years old plus and usually a lot of these components last twenty to twenty-five years.

Tipper says these upgrades would help the water plant tremendously.

“Stop using chlorine gas and to use bleach or disinfectant. And upgrade our scrubber facilities to where our gasifier and scrubber to where we no longer use chemical application, we use activate carbon to remove hydrogen sulfite. Also to automate the plant and replace aging electronics.”

Not only is the water plant essential for residents of Nevada, but for businesses too.

Sheree Gayman – Nevada Vernon County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, said, “It addresses future growth for the community, because that’s what you’re really looking for, is are you able to expand your infrastructure to get more businesses in and to help your existing residents and future residence.”

But Nevada can’t expand without an upgraded plant.

“If you don’t have the infrastructure and the water capacity to add on to it, then you can’t add another building, but if you increase that capacity and that infrastructure with the upgrading of the water plant then you’re able to expand that.”

Gayman adds that she doesn’t know when these additions will come to the water plant but knows the city is working on it.

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