Nevada Housing Authority announces new partnership to provide tenants with more than just a place to stay


NEVADA, Mo. — A local housing authority is bringing in a new program it hopes will better the lives of its tenants.

While the Nevada Housing Authority’s mission is decent, safe, affordable housing, they’ve realized that many of their tenants need more than a place to live.

“Really our tenants and applicants coming through our doors, they often times need more than that. A more holistic, comprehensive approach to what their needs are, rather than just over their head,” said Carol Branham – Nevada Housing Authority Executive Director.

So, they’ve signed an agreement with “Compass Health Network” to help further the needs of their residents.

“We’ll be on site seven days a week, we’re gonna have community living instructors, we like to call them C.L.I’s, we like our acronyms in our world, and they’re gonna be here on site providing intensive C.P.R. services, so at it’s core it’s community psychiatric rehabilitation,” said Courtney Cason – Southwest Region Director Of Transitional Housing Operations.

This new on site assistance will help residence with daily living skills, assistance with medication, intensive clinical interventions and more.

All things that Branham will help better their lives and keep them from eviction.

“If they have physical needs, if they just have needs as a parent, coping skills, things that will help them comply with their lease here, so they can keep their housing versus having to face lease violations,” said Branham.

But the main goal is keeping them well.

“The goal is to ultimately again to keep people out of the hospital, reduce symptoms of mental illness and have people be successful and get them back into the community of their choice,” said Cason.

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