Nevada High School graduate earns Student of the Year award


NEVADA, Mo. — An area teenager receives recognition that no other high school graduate in the country has attained.

We learn who it is, how she did it, and what she plans on doing with it.

Eden Fisher’s goal isn’t just to go to college, she wants to leave school with as little student debt as possible.

She graduated last year from Nevada High School and is in the Crowder College A-Plus Program, which means, for the next two years, if she maintains a high enough G.P.A., her tuition and some of her fees won’t cost her a thing.

Which is a good thing because she plans on being in school for several years.

“I’m attending Crowder College and I’m majoring in just general education, and then when I transfer, my goal is to major in Social Work and then my goal is to continue on to law school,” said Eden Fisher, Award Recipient.

Then there’s an award of five thousand dollars she received from George Washington’s Mount Vernon, of which her high school history teacher had something to do with.

“Mrs. Greer nominated me and she told me after she nominated me so it was kind of a surprise, I just had to write an essay about how George Washington impacted me and submit it and that was it,” said Fisher.

“When did you write the paper?” asked Stuart Price, Reporting.

“Pretty much the same day that my teacher told me that she nominated me,” replied Fisher.

“Oh so you wrote it in one day?” asked Price.

“Like a couple of days I wrote it and took a break and looked back at it,” Fisher answered.

Truth be told, there was more to her winning this national award than just writing this paper.

Inspired by Washington’s dedication to public service, she spent part of her last two years in high school advocating for educational reform before the Missouri General Assembly as well as pushing for mandatory education for young people about the dangers of vaping.

“Really hard to remember everything I put in that paper, we talked a lot about the precedents that George Washington had set and like being a good leader, like that’s something that I really try to work on is being a good leader, you know I held a lot of leadership positions in high school and that’s something that I really focus on,” said Fisher.

Her ultimate goal is to put those leadership qualities to good use when serving her country in the U.S. Air Force after she finishes law school.

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