Nevada Elk’s Lodge hosts Youth Transition Fair for students with disabilities


NEVADA, Mo. — In tonight’s “Dose of Good News” — the “Nevada Elks Lodge” hosted a unique event today for students with disabilities.

More than 80 students — ranging in age from 14 to 26 — took part in a “Youth Transition Fair”.

It was organized by the home healthcare service, “On My Own,” and the “Nevada Regional Network.” the fair included free dental screenings from “Compass Health,” and educational assistance from the nonprofit, “M-Pact.”

“They’re learning about resources and services within Nevada and our surrounding counties that are available to them to help them become more independent and to help them transition,” said Kalli Gober, Youth Transition Specialist at On My Own.

“I think they’re cool and they have cool stuff. We thought there was gonna be less,” said Dakota Higginbotham, El Dorado Springs.

The event was free — and involved students from Bates, Cedar, Hickory, St. Clair & Vernon Counties.

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