Nevada ballot question asks for sales tax increase to support city hospital


NEVADA, Mo. – Nevada voters will decide whether to raise their taxes to support the city hospital next week.

The ballot asks for a half cent increase to the sales tax. It would raise about $800,000 a year, money that would go to help pay off bonds from improvements to the Nevada Regional Medical Center back in 2005. Supporters say the tax is crucial to pay off the bond

“Is the only place between Joplin and KC that provides obstetrical services. And so this is a critical issue, 150 miles stretch on I-49 that the only place is Nevada Regional Medical Center where you can go to have a baby.”

Dr. Warren Lovinger, Nevada MD

“We do not have the equipment to serve everybody. We have to ship them out. And I don’t like that either but that’s just the way it is. If we vote on it and it passes, taxes are going to go up all the time. And we’ve got enough taxes in this town.”

Judy Keener, Opposes Tax

If approved, the tax would sunset in 2032 when the bond is retired.

Voters will go to the polls on Tuesday August 6th.

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