Neosho working on storm water in wake of 2019 flooding


NEOSHO, Mo. — The further south you go in Missouri, flooding becomes more of a problem.

One city is doing its part to prevent that in the future.

Although there was nice weather today, that’s not always the case in Neosho. Especially when it rains. Since 2017, there have been two major flooding events. And, after the last one in 2019, the city has been working on making sure future flooding isn’t a problem.

The city of Neosho has received a community development block grant of $2.5 million for hazard mitigation. The grant will go towards storm water drainage on Stratford and Freeman roads, that will include installation of new pipes and box culverts to help prevent future flooding

Rachel Holcomb – Director Of Development Services, said, “This is something that the city has been working very hard with our engineers to develop this plan to help this storm water get out of there and not to flood that area.”

This new project will help Neosho residents like Stewart Pace who experienced major flood damage back in 2017.

Stewart Pace – Neosho Resident, said, “We had to gut everything. About two foot down, pole to sheetrock, the insulation, all the carpet, flooring, it was just bare to the wood. Let it dry then put it all back together.

“People over in that area are scared. Every time it rains hard, they feel like everything that they’ve worked for is going to be ruined. Working for the city, that’s something we want to do, is we want to work for our residents,” said Holcomb.

Pace agrees that the threat of flooding makes many uneasy. But, lucky for him, he’s able to keep a good eye on it before he gets too worried.

“There’s a ditch behind us. You can kind of keep an eye on it when it gets high, so you know when to start worrying,” said Pace.

Pace adds that flooding was never a concern of his until it actually happened to him. Holcomb says that they don’t know when the project will be completed, but wants residents to know it’s one of their top priorities.

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